Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Moment of truth in Hindhi

Moment of truth is the nice program in AXN TV.I usually didnt see that program and i dont know about that program.One of my friend saw that program and he is watching that regularly.And now i am also watching that program daily.The main concept of the program is "You sholud tell the truth".First they will ask some questions and they will have heart beat etc etc .In that if you tell lie the system will make a signal and it will inform that person is telling lie.It will a very serious one because they will ask question like anything.Noone can answer that when they are sitting with their family.So program is very nice to see andmany are participating in that.They will get more $1000 in that.That same program is going to be release in Hindhi also.The master of the Indian Reality shows Siddharth Basu is yet again ready to launch the boldest ever Indian

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