Friday, August 21, 2009

Bolt Shatters one more World Record

Usain Bolt of Jamaica (R) as he crosses the finish line in 9.58 seconds to set a new world record and win the men's 100 meters final at the world athletics championships at the Olympic stadium in Berlin August 16, 2009.He made one more world record in the 200 meters also.He crossed the line in 19.19 seconds.He made a 2 huge world record but he have given better one from that 100meters.But still he is not happy.He will his best next time.He told "I know I said 9.4," Bolt said, grinning. "You never know. I'll just keep on working.".

Bolt's only competition these days is the clock.And when he's really trying, not hot-dogging it over the line the way he did in China, even time itself doesn't stand a chance."I don't run for world records," said Bolt, who crossed the line with a slight breeze at his back.Johnson's words carried not just excitement, but tremendous weight too.

For, the American broke a 17-year-old record over the distance in June 1996 before bettering it further two months later at the Atlanta Olympic Games. "He ran hard and tried as hard as possible. He was up on Spearmon 15m into the race. This is the most incredible bend ever. He doesn't run with technique, he's rocking all over the place and then he's already got a big smile on his face at the end." Bolt is now the first man to break the 100m and 200m world records more than once.

Bolt ran his latest unforgettable race at Olympic Stadium in Berlin, the history-filled home of the 1936 Olympics where Jesse Owens became the world's biggest track star. Bolt lives in Owens' stratosphere now, having set the 100 world record three times and also owning the 200-meter record thanks to the 19.30 he ran in Beijing to break Michael Johnson's 12-year-old mark.

For his efforts on Thursday night, Bolt bagged $160,000 to add to his 100m winnings of $160,000 (both prize packets include the $100,000 World record bonus from TDK). That's roughly $11,123 for each second of his 100m and 200m performances combined!

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