Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dada Sourav Ganguly the Only Captain

Coach of Kolkata Knight Riders Wednesday said they will not have one permanent captain for the second edition of the Indian Premier League."There won't necessarily be a fixed captain," Knight Riders' coach John Buchanan told reporters at a press conference here.

John Buchanan's multiple-captains theory was an attempt to sideline Sourav Ganguly, the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) on Tuesday announced that they would continue with only one captain in Indian Premier League (IPL) Twenty20 tournament to be held in South Africa next month.

The team management released a statement this evening after a meeting between incumbent skipper Sourav Ganguly, the team's owner Shah Rukh Khan and coach-cum-manager John Buchanan. This is the first time that Shah Rukh had a formal meeting with the coach and Sourav ever since Buchanan mooted the idea of multiple captains.

The statement confirmed that KKR would be having only one captain but four or five coaches or strategists. These experts will assist the one captain on field with their viewpoints on the gameplan set earlier.

Earlier in the day, Shah Rukh Khan rubbished reports that Ganguly was being sidelined by Buchanan. "There is no Kolkata Knight Riders without Dada," he asserted.

Shah Rukh said the team's decision to have multiple captains was in no way meant to sideline the team's icon player Ganguly, who has hardly minced words in ridiculing the concept.

According to the idea put forth by Buchanan, Ganguly would have to share the captaincy with three others -- New Zealand Brendon McCullum, West Indies' Chris Gayle and Laxmi Ratan Shukla.

The Bollywood star said it was just an experiment and KKR would not exist without Ganguly.

"Let me tell you, there is no Kolkata Knight Riders without Dada. We love him," he said on the sidelines of a fashion show.

"We are a team and no decision is taken by one person. Twenty20 is a new format and new things are being tried. Too much has been said, we are not having four captains in one match. It's going to be one captain in one match," he said. "But in case something goes wrong, we need to have a back-up," he added.

The IPL second season starts April 18 in South Africa as a clash of dates with the general elections had forced the organisers to move the event out of India.

"My goal is to score runs and pick wickets, rest is upto John since he's the coach," Ganguly added.

Monday, March 30, 2009



¨In our first slide you see an individual who apparently is making a bank transaction at the ATM.

Placing the trap

¨What he really is doing is placing a trap in the ATM machine to “capture” the next user card.

Lookout Warning

¨Altering the ATMs is a risky business, these individuals work in teams. The lookout warns of any possible eye witnesses / or of the next potential victim.

The Victim

Springing the TRAP

¨Here we see the next client using the ATM, after the trap has been set. He inserts his card and begins his transaction.

Springing the TRAPThe trap is made up of XRAY film, which is the preferred material by thieves; Simply because of the black color which is similar in appearance to the slot on the card reader.

¨The ATM card is confiscated, and the customer is confused, asking himself, Why has my card been confiscated? However, here we see the cavalry coming to help, (HELP!!!).

Honest,Samaritan Offering HELP

¨Here we see the thief pretending to help. What he is really doing is trying to gain the “customers” PIN, now that he has captured his card.

Gaining access to the PIN

¨The good Samaritan convinces the “Customer” He can recover the card, if he presses his PIN at the same time the Samaritan press “cancel” and “enter”.

Situation Hopeless, “They Leave”

¨After several attempts the “customer” is convinced his card has been confiscated. The “customer” and the Samaritan leave the ATM.

Recovering the CARD
¨Satisfied the area is clear, the thief

¨returns to recover the confiscated card from his trap. He not only has the card, he also has the PIN the “customer” provided unknowingly.

The Escape

¨In possession of the card and the PIN he leaves the ATM with R4,000 from the “Customers” account.


¨The trap is made up of XRAY film, which is the preferred material by thieves; Simply because of the black color which is similar in appearance to the slot on the card reader.

Placing the TRAP

¨The trap is then inserted into the ATM slot. Care is taken not to insert the entire film into the slot, the ends are folded and contain glue strips for better adhesion to the inner and outer surface of the slots.


¨Once the ends are firmly glued and fixed to the slot, it is almost impossible to detect by unsuspecting clients.

How is your card confiscated?

¨Slits are cut into both sides of the trap, This prevents your card being returned prior to completing your transaction.

Retrieval of Confiscated card.

¨As soon as the “Customer” has gone, and they have your PIN , The thief can remove the glued trap, by grasping the folded tips, he simply pulls the trap out that has retained your card..

¨1.-Once your card has been confiscated, observe the ATM slot and the card reader for any signs of tampering. Should you see the film tips glued to the slot, unglue, pull the trap out and recover your card.

¨2.- Report IMMEDIATELY to the BanK.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tata Nano Cars

Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car

Costing just 100,000 rupees ($1,979; £1,366), the Nano will now go on sale across India next month, with deliveries starting in July. Tata hopes the 10-foot (3-metre) long, five-seater car will be cheap enough to encourage millions of Indians to trade up from their motorcycles.

Overall Dimension

Overall Length 3099 mm
Overall Width 1495 mm (& 1620 mm with ORVM)
Overall Height 1652 mm
Wheelbase 2230 mm
Ground clearance 180 mm
Min. Turning Circle Radius 4 m
Seating Capacity 4 persons
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 Liters

Kerb Weight

Nano 600 kg
Nano CX 615 kg
Nano LX 635 kg
Payload 300 kg

Engine & Transmission

Engine Type 624 cc, 2 cylinder, MPFI
Maximum Engine Output 35 PS @ 5250 rpm
Maximum Torque 48 NM @ 3000 +/-500 rpm
Maximum Speed 105 kmph
Gradeability 30%
Transmission Synchromesh on all forward gears, sliding mesh on reverse gear with overdrive on 4th gear
No. of Gears 4 Forward + 1 Reverse


Front Independent, Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with gas filled dampers
Rear Independent, Semi Trailing arm with coil spring & gas filled shock absorbers


Brake Type Dual Circuit, Vertical Split operated by tandem master cylinder
Nano CX With Vacuum Booster
Nano LX With Vacuum Booster
Front 180 mm dia. drum brake
Rear 180 mm dia. drum brake

Wheels & Tyres

Tyre Type Radial & Tubeless
Front Tyre size 135/70 R12
Rear tyre size 155/65 R12
Spare tyre size 135/70 R12
Wheels 4 B x 12

Variants Emission Compliance

NANO BS II/ III A/c not available
NANO CX BS II/ III A/c available
NANO LX BS III A/c available

Tata plans to make 250,00 initially and expects to sell 1 million annually. The Indian auto market is very hot, as growth lifts incomes and wealth in the country. Ford, Nissan, Fiat, Suzuki, Renault are all planning to increase production in the Nano space over the next couple of years. Think of 10 million additional cars on Indian roads in five years.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogger Try to Develop!: a note in a pond Gracilaria

Blogger Try to Develop!: a note in a pond Gracilaria

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince & Trailer

Harry Potter's sixth year at Hogwarts turns out to be quite the exciting year. First off is the arrival of a new teacher at Hogwarts, Horace Slughorn, who is a bit more useful to Harry than he realizes. Next, Harry obtains a Potions book which used to be belong to the very mysterious Half-Blood Prince. Harry finds that the Half-Blood Prince's ancient scribbles are written along the margins of almost every page, giving Harry advice on how to improve greatly on his Potions work, and also teaching him a few helpful (and dangerous) spells along the way.

Amidst this, Harry is starting private lessons with Professor Dumbledore, during which Harry learns the dark secrets of Voldemort's past, hoping that they could use these secrets to find a way to defeat him.

Harry's year gets even more stressful with the suspicious actions of Draco Malfoy, who has been sneaking around the school doing, so Harry assumes, Voldemort's bidding. Harry quickly becomes determined, and slightly obsessed, to find out exactly what Malfoy has been up to and putting and end to it.

Yet, during this time, Harry and his friends go through daily life, busy with school work, Quidditch, (in which Harry has been made captain of the team) and of course, romance. Ron has found a new girlfriend, Lavender Brown, a perky (if not obnoxious) Gryffindor student, and Hermione is not happy about it. Ron and Hermione's friendship takes a toll throughout the school year and Harry, as usual, is stuck in the middle. Harry, meanwhile, is facing a romantic dilemma of his own: he realizes he is falling for his best friend's sister, Ginny Weasley, who is unfortunately dating Harry's classmate, Dean Thomas. Harry's pining for Ginny and Ron's hilarious relationship with Lavender give this story a large dose of reality.

Throughout all the school drama, however, the obvious darkness of Voldemort's impending rise to power is always apparent. The incredible action-packed climax is sure to leave the audience stunned and, inevitably, prove that you shouldn't trust everybody who you think is good and also prove that not everyone can manage to survive.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Top 10 Costliest Cars In The World

Price: $430,355 in US
Rs 5.36 crore in India

The Maybach 57 S has a 12-cylinder engine, goes from 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds and is designed to be a sportier alternative to the other models. It has more power than the 57 or 62 models, 604 hp versus their 543 hp. As in the other models - Maybach 57 and 62 - the maximum speed is electronically limited.
Top Speed: 250 kmph

Price: $440,000 in US
Rs 5.47 crore in India

Despite claims that the Carrera GT supercar had gone out of production, the car is very much available in the US and is in the list of one of the world's most expensive cars. The car has 605 hp @ 8000 rpm, can go from 0 to100 in 3.9 seconds and has a ten cylinder engine - a type of rarely seen outside of racing.
Top speed: 330 kmph

Price: $448,153 in Europe
Rs 5.59 crore in India

Maybach's 62 ultra-luxury sedan is made by Mercedes-Benz and has proved that even a car this expensive to build can turn a profit. The Maybach 62 accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 5.4 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited but can be reached rapidly and with virtually no apparent effort.
Top speed: 250 kmph

Price: $452,750 in US
Rs 5.64 crore in India

The SLR McLaren is as comfortable and sophisticated as a street-legal racecar can be. It is a collaboration between Mercedes and legendary British racecar builder McLaren. With the help of a 617 hp and 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine, the SLR sprints from 0 to 100 in just 3.6 seconds.
Top speed: 343kmph

Price: ₴58,000 in Europe
Rs 6.94 crore in India

The Koenigsegg is a Swedish car that sports a supercharged V8 engine. It can go from 0 to 100 in 3.2 seconds with its hp of 806 @ 7000 rpm. The Koenigsegg CCR currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most powerful car in series production.
Top speed: 395 kmph

Price: $ 637,723 in US
Rs 7.95 crore in India

Started by former racing driver Steve Saleen, the Saleen car company produces some of the fastest cars in the world. The S7 is designed to compete with the fastest and most luxurious grand touring cars.. It can go from 0 to 100 in six seconds has 750 bhp @ 6300 rpm and sports an all-aluminum V8, 2-valve.
Top speed: 320 kmph

Price: $645,084 (Global)
Rs 8.03 crore in India

Leblanc is ramping up production of its new Mirabeau supercar. The company hopes to make the vehicle street legal for the US by early 2007. With a six-speed sequential transmission, more than 700 bhp @ 7600 rpm, the Leblanc Mirabeau's interior is optimized for maximum acceleration.
Top speed: 370 kmph

Price: $654,500 in US
Rs 8.17 crore in India

The most expensive American car is also the fastest. Automaker SSC estimates this vehicle is capable of going from 0-60 in just 2.9 seconds and the base model has a supercharged 6..2-litre V8 engine rated 787 bhp @ 6600 rpm. The SSC Ultimate Aero requires 104 octane gasoline.
Top speed: 400 kmph

Price $667,321 in Europe and US
Rs 8.31 crore in India

Pagani is an Italian boutique automaker that builds radical-looking racecars. This version of its Zonda flagship has 555 bhp @ 5900 rpm, can go from 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds and is propelled by mid-mounted V-12 DOHC engines.
Top speed: 344 kmph

Price: ₱,000,000 in Europe
Rs 15.17 crore in India

Volkswagen's production delays are finally over and the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is ready to hit the road. The car sports a W16 engine fed by four turbochargers, can go from 0 to 100 mph in six seconds and uses unique cross-drilled and turbine vented carbon rotors that draw in cooling air for braking.
Top speed: 407 kmph

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ipl Schedule & venue out of India

BCCI team decided to conduct Ipl matches to another country.Though the new venue was not stated by the BCCI officials.Many cricket boards have expressed their concern in hosting IPL matches , BCCI said that they are forced to take this decision as Indian government failed to give an assurance for security to the IPL matches.

IPL Commissioner and Chairman Lalit Modi, who was also at the press conference, said the number of matches, format and timing of the event will remain unchanged and the organisers would not tinker with the "integrity of the tournament".

"Dates and timings of the matches will remain the same. The Indian audiences can watch the matches at 4 pm and 8 pm IST as they did in the inaugural season," Modi said.

"Revenue cannot be an issue, the 59-match tournament will remain as 59-match tournament. The issue is the integrity of the tournament.

"We want to ensure the quality which we deliver and it cannot be compromised. We have to deliver the world standard event," he said.

Also they have stated that Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra government were also behind the
decision of changing the place. Earlier these governments assured for security but later they have taken their assurance back . Security for the IPL matches is very important as it involves many International players. The seriousness of the security issue raised only after the Mumbai 26/11 attack made by the terrorists which caused the rage waves in International side.Indian Elections seem to have won the battle against Cricket and BCCI has decided to hold IPL matches either in South Africa or England.

2009 IPL Schedule, Fixture, Time Table and Timing from 10th April.

2009 Indian Premier League - IPL schedule and time table has been announced . Tournament starting from 10th April, 2009 to 24th April, 2009. In the second edition of IPL, 8 team will play in 59 matches by home and away basis in the Twenty20 - T20 format.
Find the complete schedule, fixture with timing and venue for the 2009 IPL.

2009 IPL League Matches Schedule:

Friday, 10th April, 2009
1st Match - Day/Night
Rajasthan Royals v Delhi Daredevils

Saturday, 11th April, 2009
2nd Match
Kolkata Knight Riders v Deccan Chargers

3rd Match - Day/Night
Chennai Super Kings v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Sunday, 12th April, 2009
4th Match
Delhi Daredevils v Kings XI Punjab

5th Match - Day/Night
Mumbai Indians v Rajasthan Royals

Monday, 13th April, 2009
6th Match - Day/Night
Deccan Chargers v Chennai Super Kings

Tuesday, 14th April, 2009
7th Match - Day/Night
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kolkata Knight Riders

Wednesday, 15th April, 2009
8th Match - Day/Night
Kings XI Punjab v Mumbai Indians

Thursday, 16th April, 2009
9th Match
Deccan Chargers v Delhi Daredevils

10th Match - Day/Night
Chennai Super Kings v Rajasthan Royals

Friday, 17th April, 2009
11th Match - Day/Night
Mumbai Indians v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Saturday, 18th April, 2009
12th Match
Kings XI Punjab v Deccan Chargers

13th Match - Day/Night
Kolkata Knight Riders v Delhi Daredevils

Sunday, 19th April, 2009
14th Match
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Rajasthan Royals

15th Match - Day/Night
Mumbai Indians v Chennai Super Kings

Monday, 20th April, 2009
16th Match - Day/Night
Kolkata Knight Riders v Kings XI Punjab

Tuesday, 21st April, 2009
17th Match - Day/Night
Delhi Daredevils v Mumbai Indians

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2009
19th Match - Day/Night
Rajasthan Royals v Deccan Chargers

Thursday, 23rd April, 2009
18th Match - Day/Night
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kings XI Punjab

Friday, 24th April, 2009
20th Match - Day/Night
Mumbai Indians v Kolkata Knight Riders

Saturday, 25th April, 2009
21st Match
Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab

22nd Match - Day/Night
Delhi Daredevils v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Sunday, 26th April, 2009
23rd Match
Deccan Chargers v Mumbai Indians

24th Match - Day/Night
Rajasthan Royals v Kolkata Knight Riders

Monday, 27th April, 2009
25th Match - Day/Night
Kings XI Punjab v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Tuesday, 28th April, 2009
26th Match - Day/Night
Mumbai Indians v Delhi Daredevils

Wednesday, 29th April, 2009
27th Match
Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders

28th Match - Day/Night
Kings XI Punjab v Rajasthan Royals

Thursday, 30th April, 2009
29th Match - Day/Night
Deccan Chargers v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Friday, 1st May, 2009
30th Match - Day/Night
Chennai Super Kings v Delhi Daredevils

Saturday, 2nd May, 2009
31st Match
Mumbai Indians v Deccan Chargers

32nd Match - Day/Night
Kolkata Knight Riders v Rajasthan Royals


Sunday, 3rd May, 2009
33rd Match
Kings XI Punjab v Chennai Super Kings

34th Match - Day/Night
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Delhi Daredevils

Monday, 4th May, 2009
35th Match - Day/Night
Deccan Chargers v Rajasthan Royals

Tuesday, 5th May, 2009
36th Match - Day/Night
Delhi Daredevils v Chennai Super Kings

Wednesday, 6th May, 2009
37th Match
Kolkata Knight Riders v Mumbai Indians

38th Match - Day/Night
Rajasthan Royals v Kings XI Punjab

Thursday, 7th May, 2009
39th Match - Day/Night
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Deccan Chargers

Friday, 8th May, 2009
40th Match - Day/Night
Kolkata Knight Riders v Chennai Super Kings

Saturday, 9th May, 2009
41st Match
Kings XI Punjab v Delhi Daredevils

42nd Match - Day/Night
Rajasthan Royals v Mumbai Indians

Sunday, 10th May, 2009
43rd Match - Day/Night
Deccan Chargers v Kolkata Knight Riders

Monday, 11th May, 2009
44th Match - Day/Night
Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals

Tuesday, 12th May, 2009
45th Match
Mumbai Indians v Kings XI Punjab

46th Match - Day/Night
Chennai Super Kings v Deccan Chargers

Wednesday, 13th May, 2009
47th Match - Day/Night
Kolkata Knight Riders v Bangalore Royal Challengers

Thursday, 14th May, 2009
48th Match
Rajasthan Royals v Chennai Super Kings

49th Match - Day/Night
Delhi Daredevils v Deccan Chargers

Friday, 15th May, 2009
50th Match - Day/Night
Bangalore Royal Challengers v Mumbai Indians

Saturday, 16th May, 2009
51st Match
Delhi Daredevils v Kolkata Knight Riders

52nd Match - Day/Night
Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab

Sunday, 17th May, 2009
53rd Match
Rajasthan Royals v Bangalore Royal Challengers

54th Match - Day/Night
Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians

Monday, 18th May, 2009
55th Match - Day/Night
Kings XI Punjab v Kolkata Knight Riders

Tuesday, 19th May, 2009
56th Match - Bangalore Royal Challengers v Chennai Super Kings

2009 IPL Semi-Finals Schedule

Thursday, 21st May, 2009
1st Semi-Final - Day/Night

Friday, 22nd May, 2009
2nd Semi-Final - Day/Night

2009 IPL Final

Sunday, 24th May, 2009
Winner of 1st SF v Winner of 2nd SF