Thursday, March 19, 2009

uncommon pistol

This is an uncommon which you could have never seen it.This is made of iron fully. See a guns different view.This is having 1 big screw in the end of the gun.I think this is made of one full rod .

You can see the closer view of the pistol.This is the another view of the pistol.You cant see any welding in this.This model is like normal toy gun but some new things like a rod is coming from the trigger and connecting the front part where the bullet will go out from pistol.Both are connected my a rod.In the end of the rod there is a screw.

This is closer view of the trigger place.You can see the place where the bullet will be inserted.And the trigger how it will work.

These are the different view of front part of the pistol.

This is the closer view of the pistol where the you can insert the bullet.

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