Monday, June 29, 2009

who is God

This is the article i read from a book.It was very nice to see to read.I suggest all should read this at least once.This is my favorite one in my life. Don't you believe in god you must read this.Then you wont talk about that.

In ancient India there lived a most virtuous Brahmin who was considered by all to be the best authority on philosophy. One day the local king ordered him to appear before him. When he did so, the king said: "I have three questions that puzzle–even torment–me: Where is God? Why don't I see Him? And what does he do all day? If you can't answer these three questions I will have your head cut off." The Brahmin was appalled and terrified, because the answers to these questions were not just complex, they were impossible to formulate. In other words: he did not know the answers. So his execution date was set.

On the morning of that day the Brahmin's teenage son appeared and asked the king if he would release his father if he–the son–would answer the questions. The king agreed, and the son asked that a container of milk be brought to him. It was done.

Then the boy asked that the milk be churned into butter. That, too, was done.

"The first two of your questions are now answered," he told the king.

The king objected that he had been given no answers, so the son asked: "Where was the butter before it was churned?"

"In the milk," replied the king.

"In what part of the milk?" asked the boy.

"In all of it."

"Just so, agreed the boy, "and in the same way God is within all things and pervades all things."

"Why don't I see Him, then," pressed the king.

"Because you do not 'churn' your mind and refine your perceptions through meditation.

If you do that, you will see God. But not otherwise. Now let my father go."

"Not at all," insisted the king. "You have not told me what God does all day."

"To answer that," said the boy, "we will have to change places. You come stand here and let me sit on the throne."

The request was so audacious the king complied, and in a moment he was standing before the enthroned Brahmin boy who told him: "This is the answer.
One moment you were here and I was there. Now things are reversed. God perpetually lifts up and casts down every one of us. In one life we are exalted and in another we are brought low–oftentimes in a single life this occurs, and even more than once. Our lives are completely in His hand, and He does with us as He wills." ("He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree." Luke 1:52)

The Brahmin was released and his son was given many honors and gifts by the king.

Friday, June 26, 2009

India Won West Indiese

India won the first one day match against west indies.The match was very intersting. Yovaraj played very well in the match.He scored 131,Dinesh karthik scored 63 and Dhoni scored 41 and Yousaf and Harbajan stayed and lead the team finally India scored to 339.West Indies also played well but they are able to take only 319.So India won by 20 runs.Yovaraj got man of the match award.

king Of pop Dead

The famous pop dancer michal jackson was dead.He was the only one in dance.Noone can be beat him in dance.He was the one who came from black people.His pop album reached many remote villages also.He got many awards.Many of his fans around the world cant tolerate his death.His fans came to hospital and his home and prayed for him.Many fans were dancing like him.Jackson have planned to attend 50functions next month.Lets pray for him.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ICC T20 Latest News

pakisthan won the ICC T20 world cup.srilanka and pak are the two final team.In the final match Dilson and Jayasurya didnt play well so that leads srilanka to a bad situation.In pak younis khan played well and leads the team well that makes to a easy win.The match was really amazing.The world leading team AUS didnt enter in super8.Next leading India didnt go further.In ICC team 4players from pak 3from SA 2from WI 2from SLk.younis say bye to T20.

Latest news of Rajinikanth

He is the most famous guy in the world.He went to Jappan many of his fans came in large number to see him.Those people doesnt heard about Abithab Bachan.Not also in Jappan if is famous around the world.Noone can beat him.I am expecting his upcoming movies sulthan.In this Icewarya Rai is acting.Rajinikanth daughter is working for animating the movie.So we can see the wonder full stylish animated movie of him.Next Shankar is directing.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cancer Treatment in India(Chennai)

Cancer is a non curable disease.There are some treatments which will be successfull.Now there is a best treatment called cyber knife.In this treatment no knife,no blood and it is operated by robots.It can be operated any where in human body and it will cure many critical stages of cancer.The treatment cost is based on stages of cancer.In India AppalloHospitals is using now.Many people from other countries are coming to chennai for treatment.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Next T20 World cup

IPL gave a great experience and satisfied their fans.After seeing that even though all are in good form they didnt go for the semi finals.That was a really a big disappointment to everyone.No need to worry the same team will come to lead and win the world cup in westindese coming sept.We can expect the great form of Indian team in next twenty_20 world cup.Only one thing that satisfy is indian team of womens team have selected to semi finals.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Britney Spears

The word Britney Spears made many mad, through her songs she made a revolution in the world means in the world of music.she is very dynamic and also energetic personality.The woman of fire.she is a model to all the women.Her voice have the power that a deaf can feel the song, can feel the sprit of music.After 5 years she is coming and giving her pop album.That album is very nice to see and to i want all of you to visit that album.


Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981.she is an American singer and entertainer. she is ranked as the eighth best-selling female recording artist in the United States with 32 million sold albums certified by the Recording Industry Association of America.As of November 2007, Spears has sold over 83 million records worldwide, making her one of the world's best-selling music artists.

Spears is currently the best selling female artist of the decade and the fifth best selling artist of the decade overall.Raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, Spears first appeared on national television in 1992 as a contestant on the Star Search program, and went on to star in Disney Channel's television series The New Mickey Mouse Club from 1993 to 1994.

Spears signed a recording contract with Jive, releasing her debut album .The album established her as a pop icon and "bona fide pop phenomenon", credited for influencing the revival of teen pop later.All her album were very nice and made a which is the real pop song.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Global Warming

Every one should realize about Global Warming.Because our world is going in a bad condition.So we have to realize the importance of that. The sun is getting hotter. It is also incredibly old about 5000 million years old. One day it will blow up but that won't be for another 5000 million years or so. But the Earth's climate seems to be heating up much much faster than can be explained by the sun making more heat. And the reason seems to be people and machines.The single largest problem posed by global warming would be if the seas rose and increasingly inundated Bangladesh, an extremely densely populated and low-lying region long vulnerable .

One obvious way to mitigate this vulnerability would be to increasingly encourage Bangladeshis to use birth control.people are burning fuels with carbon in (that's oil, gas and coal which you use in cars, aeroplanes, power stations and so on), all this carbon gets dumped into the air, mixed with the oxygen we all breathe, and so adds to our greenhouse gas problem. And the planet warms some more.A recent study of nearly 2,000 species of plants and animals discovered movement toward the poles at an average rate of 3.8 miles per decade. Similarly, the study found species in alpine areas to be moving vertically at a rate of 20 feet per decade in the 2nd half of the 20th century.The ocean will continue to become more acidic due to carbon dioxide emissions. Because of this acidification, species with hard calcium carbonate shells are vulnerable, as are coral reefs, which are vital to ocean ecosystems. Scientists predict that a 3.6 degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature would wipe out 97 percent of the world's coral reefs.


Then there's disease. As the world warms, nasty diseases like malaria are starting to spread because the changing climate favors the mosquito that carries the disease. Air travel is not just a cause of global warming and aids in spreading diseases very quickly just about anywhere. Someone with an illness like TB may easily pass on the disease to others during an airplane flight of a few hours. Insects like mosquitoes which can carry disease can even 'hitch a ride' on flights from one country to another.

People who study earth's climate have found that as it warms up, the weather is going to get more violent and unpredictable. Hurricanes, for example, will become more powerful. Deserts are increasing and rain will be heavier in parts of the world so there will be more floods. These things have already started to happen. What can you do to stop it?Get active, why drive when you can walk?! If your family has a car, get them to use it less. Walk to the shops. Walking, running, skipping are all much more fun.