Thursday, August 20, 2009

Asin hottest news today

Actress Asin is the hottest property of Bollywood gets a marriage proposal from one of her ardent fans.She is having more fans now a days.For every movie she is gaining more fans.Some fans build temples, some write letters in blood, others stand outside star homes for hours.In Hindi,Malayalam, Tamil,Telugu in these languages she have acted.Asin's father is his legal adviser for her.He will say what she has to do and what she should not.This information is gathered from her surroundings to the actress reveals that the beauty is actively associated with various NGOs in Kerala and Chennai.

"Whenever she finds some time, Asin secretly visits these NGOs and loves being actively involved with all the charity work that they do," our source further reveals.

Not too long ago we heard how Asin was being stalked by a young man while she was on a shoot in Singapore.Asin received a marriage proposal from a fan from Chennai with style along with a touching love letter, he sent to her a massive rock.

Asin got stuck by her fans expensive move, she confirmed the news but refused to comment on the matter as it was too personal, “It’s an extremely personal issue involving a fan and I wouldn’t really like to comment on it", quips Asin.
However, one of Asin’s close friends said, “ It’s extremely flattering to get such attention and Asin is overwhelmed and at the same time embarrassed by it all.”

According to an insider, Asin was swayed away with the warmth of his fan and at the same time she was embarrassed to get such an expensive gift from someone whom she doesn’t know and to some extent the particular guy also knows what would be her answer.

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