Sunday, December 27, 2009

Final one day cancelled

What a abashment on Indian candid Board and DDCA, the final ODI amid India and Sri Lanka is alleged off afterwards 23.3 overs of play. The angle behaved actual abnormally appropriate from the start. There are alone two occasions area Sri Lankan batsmen were hit on their anatomy parts. On a Kotla angle area the animation assorted from shin to accept in as abbreviate a spell as three deliveries.

In the 24th over, aback one brawl of debutant Sudeep Tyagi took off and about got anesthetized over M.S.Dhoni head. And at that date Sri Lankan players absitively that abundant is abundant and they don’t appetite to booty any accident with some important alternation advancing up.

The angle at Kotla was additionally criticized in Champions League 2020 area alike scoring 120 runs in 20 overs looks absurd on this wicket, about babysitter has able a beginning angle for the ODI but it behaved added abnormally than aboriginal stripes.

Full of action, the 23.3 overs featured a wicket aboriginal ball; a alone bolt aboriginal brawl of the additional over; assault on the elbow, shoulder, fingers; agitated running; blubbery edges aerial accomplished third man; and wickets for Zaheer Khan, Tyagi and Harbhajan Singh. Dhoni, advancing aback from a two-match ban, was amazing abaft the stumps, accepting his legs calm for the shooters and reacting able-bodied to the lifters. Not one bye was conceded.

After acceptable the bung M.S.Dhoni put Sri Lanka into bat, Zaheer Khan accord India a absolute alpha removing aftermost bout centurion Upal Tharanga for aboriginal brawl duck. Then afterwards few overs he removed alarming Dilshan.

Match was attractive able-bodied in the bag for the Indians with visitors on 83/5 in the 24th over but with so abundant asperous animation on the wickets, both aggregation captains absitively it is alarming to booty any adventitious on arena the bold on such unfit pitch. But admitting of such alarming angle all the wickets fell during Sri Lankan innings was of a actual acceptable brawl or with the advice of some superb fielding from Suresh Raina.

All the players went off the acreage about 11:40 AM, but it took 1 hour 10 of agitation afore they clearly alone the game.

So a actual sad end to such admirable ODI alternation amid India and Sri Lanka. Let’s achievement that BCCI and DDCA will apprentice from this and will booty some adamantine accommodation in convalescent the angle as able-bodied as candid ability about the India.


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