Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blood Donation Example

What a weekend! I've anticipation about whether to accord you a run bottomward of the weekend in a Not Me architecture or aloof lay it all out there for ya. . . . And I'm opting for the latter. So adhere on tight; actuality we go!

Our abbey captivated Macon Impact this weekend; this is a semi-annual accident breadth our abbey participates in assorted beat opportunities throughout the community. There was a claret drive and claret bottom donor sign-up drive on Friday at the church, and Tim and I active up to accord blood. I will accept I was a bit afraid as I accustomed to donate; I've alone accustomed already before, and that was 13 years ago, and it didn't go actual well.

This time? I gave claret like a champ! It was awesome! And I was so proud! Heck, giving claret went so well, I affective a cartilage bottom donation appliance on my way out the door. My affairs were to complete that bad boy and activate altruistic annihilation I could every time I could.

We larboard the abbey and headed to accommodated some accompany for dinner. I had looked advanced to banquet with our accompany for a cardinal of reasons. You apperceive how there's consistently that brace you appetite to adhere out with more, but you aloof can't anytime get assume to get together? And you apperceive how you accept a Friday that's abounding of accent - both acceptable and bad, absolutely - and you aloof ahead the time you can sip on a acrid margarita while relaxing? Yeah, that was Friday for me.

So, as we absolved into the restaurant Tim tells me his Red Cross assistant told him to bifold up on his aqueous assimilation and to abstain alcohol. My assistant didn't say that. And you know, I am a aphorism addict from the get-go. But, I reasoned, if my assistant didn't acquaint me to abstain alcohol, afresh I wasn't absolutely breaking any rules by accepting a baby margarita.

So I indulged.

We ate dinner, we chatted, I sipped on my margarita. Life? It was good!

And then, afore I knew it, I was activity kinda funny. Lightheaded and spaced out. I told Tim I bare to get outside. We were aloof central of the restaurant's patio area, and I thought, "I can accomplish it to that armchair out there and sit bottomward and I'll be fine."

I never fabricated it to that chair. I deathwatch up to two men in my face, strangers blockage my pulse, and I can't see my bedmate or my friends. Come to acquisition out, I'd anesthetized out. I was on the attic propped up with my arch in Tim's lap.

911 was called. Paramedics arrived, and wisked me off to the hospital. By the time I was in the ambulance and they started an IV, I began to feel abundant better. Almost accustomed again. And I was so embarrassed! Tim and I spent the butt of the night in the EC while I was accepting tests run and accepting fluids. We were appear about 1am.

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