Thursday, May 28, 2009

Marma Yogi Movie Review

Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan's forthcoming film ‘Marma Yogi’.Venkatesh and Tabu are paired up together in marmayogi along with kamal and trisha.Pyramid Saimira has signed Marmayogi with Kamal Hassan, a multi-lingual multimillion dollar magnum opus, which they will jointly produce with Kamal hassan’s own production Rajkamal International.

The film is believed to be based on the 1886 novel Vendetta:
The Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli, however others have claimed that it is a remake of the 1951 movie of the same name starring M. G. Ramachandran, that film was widely known for being the first Adult rated movie in Tamil cinema. Another source claimed that “it is a children’s film and the story revolves around how Kamal takes a group of people on a journey”. Kamal Haasan is location hunting for the film, searching for areas in the United States as well.

Kamal Hassan is directing the self written film “Marmayogi” and Trisha and Shriya are doing the lead roles in the film. The film will have a lip locking scene from Shreya and it will be for the first time that the actress will be doing such a role although Kamal has done such scenes with Rani Mukherjee in “Hey Ram.”

Here is the official press release from Kamal Hassan -

Dear Sirs,

I am constrained to write this note to the media. In recent times my film Marma Yogi has been written about a lot. While I am grateful for the coverage, I have to point out that most of the reporting is inaccurate and imaginary. Especially the news item that Rajkamal Films International is planning to produce the film with some company other than Pyramid Saimira Group and another publication which says we have pulled out of the deal with pyramid Saimira Group.

Rajkamal Films International has signed an agreement with Pyramid Saimira Group. Any news to the countrary is a slur on our bonafide partnership. Any union should have consenting partners. One-sided intent does not constitute a partnership and claim to such a union apart from being inaccurate could also become illegal.

In this new era of business discipline concluding deals through the media is not a healthy option at all.

I am well aware that the respected members of the fourth estate are keen on being the first with the “scoop”. I am also aware that journals and news papers of repute would certainly pride themselves on accuracy along with immediacy.

In this case, reports contrary to the business deal already struck between Rajkamal Films International & Pyramid Saimira Group, are inaccurate and immature. While I thank most members of the press who have refrained from publishing such concocted stories, we request those who indulge in such inaccurate reporting to contract our respective publicity departments, who will furnish you with accurate information on a need-to-know basis.

Rajkamal Films International and Pyramid Saimira Group are poised to launch Marma Yogi, a multi-lingual multimillion dollar magnum opus, very soon.

Please allow us the decorum of presenting our product in best light.

Thank you,

Kamal Haasan.

Marmayogi, the movie is said to be produced by renowned Hollywood production house Walt Disney pictures for a whopping budget of Rs. 100 crores – not quite known to Tamil cinema yet.All are eager to watch this high budget film.Lets hope the movie will continue shooting according to schedule and release in summer next year.

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