Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels & Demons Movie Review

Tom Hanks returns as Dan Brown's symbologist Robert Langdon in his first adventure Angels & Demons, which Hollywood decided to make after The Da Vinci Code, given the latter's more controversial subject striking a raw nerve on the faith itself.The science fiction is stupefying as usual and so is the mystery. Angels And Demons is the first adventure of the Harvard Symbiologist, Robert Langdon.The locations and sets are visually interesting.

Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) is well known person to the church and the first person they call when an elaborate and overly complex scheme presents itself in Vatican City. When the college of cardinals gather to elect a new church leader the Pope has just died , the four most candidates are kidnapped. One will be killed each hour on the hour until a stolen container of anti-matter hidden somewhere in the city kills everyone in an explosion of white light.

This leads to a goose chase of a film, as the kidnapper and potential murderer stays one step ahead of Langdon and his gorgeous partner-in-running, Vittoria Vetra, the scientist who created the anti-matter, otherwise known as "the God particle". If you're sensing a battle of wills between faith and science, you're mostly right although it's never satisfactorily developed into anything interesting.

It has some good twists and turns and is reasonably entertaining most of the time. There's some major plot holes of course.But don't think too hard and you'll enjoy it.All the people who saw the film agreed that it was pretty decent and definitely better than DaVinci Code as a film.Surely you will enjoy the film.


  1. do you have another movie? especially a new one. I like the movie.
    So if you don't mind you can tell me in my blog
    Thank you

  2. Definitely! Angels and Demons is a movie that I would recommend for people to watch. Honestly, until the last scenes, I can hardly breathe :) My Unrevealed Thoughts