Saturday, February 28, 2009

babies learn music

Belive it or not,Babies are sensitive to music even while sleeping.A new study,funded by European Union,has shown that newborns have a sense of pitch from birth is not something,and it is not something learned through experience as earlier believed-in fact,infants are even sensitive to the beat in music."The bottom line is e come into the world with brains that are continually looking for patterns,and telling us when there is something unexpected we should learn about," this was experimented with sleeping babies were hooked up to an encephalograph,an instrument that measures brain activity.

Then the babies were presented with sequences of sounds of different tone color but all the same pitch.They were sensitive to and whether they would predict what was coming next based on what had gone before Occasionally ,you play a sound of a different pitch and watch EEG to see if they produce a distinctive reaction to this sound.And the results revealed that babies have a sense of pitch from birth.

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