Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chennai Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station

Chennai Central Railway Station in Chennai is the home to the Southern Railways and the most important rail hub in South India. Trains from here connect the city to other states of India, while trains to other parts of Tamil Nadu (excluding Trichy and Madurai) are catered to by the Chennai Egmore station. Chennai Central is the main hub for the Chennai suburban railway. The building of the railway station, one of the landmarks of Chennai, was designed by the architect Henry Irwin.
This landmark have become the one of the gateway to South India. The crowd in this station is increasing daily by thousands in numbers. The station is busy for almost 24 hrs a day , funny only 24 hrs constitute a day... :) Chennai Central is the main railway station in Chennai city apart from Chennai Egmore. It is on the side of EVR Periyar Salai otherwise called as Poonamalle high road(PH Road) and near to Parrys.

And offcourse being a popular spot and most crowded area, this station may come under terrorist view.

The building to the west of the railway station is the Ripon building, which houses the Chennai Corporation. To the east of the station lies the Southern Railway HQ. This have become one of the landmark to chennai and serves lakhs of people every day .


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