Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who are World Cricket Champain

I would like to tell about world champion in world's cricket every one came to know who were the real winners in the world cricket. I would like to tell about all the champion in the world. First i would like to start from Australia the three time winner has gave up their dreams of getting the world cup in the quoter final. Second team every one expected is Srilanka. This is the team which came with the outstanding performance from the starting of the world cup.

Next team is Pakistan, a very good team from the over all performance in the world cup is really good. Newzland also a good team. South Africa the world cup champion in the world who were the real winners. Every one is expecting that South Africa will win the world cup but they lost their match in the Newzland. England, the founders of cricket who didn't perform well in the world cup and result came as their performance. And Canda is also good team who showed their talent in the world cup, they don't have more luck to finish their world cup.

Last but not the least India. The world real champion in the world. They really performed well in the battle field. All the plays gave the real talent and I was expecting that India will be one of the winner in world cup. I really saw the final match which is really good to hear that every one proved that no one can is not the least . I was expecting that India will lose the match in quoter and semi final as well as in th final match is really glad to see and I enjoyed that.

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