Saturday, June 12, 2010 Gift Card

BookSwim is the aboriginal online book rental library account lending you paperbacks, hardcovers and now academy textbooks Netflix®-style anon to your house, after the charge to purchase! We banal all the most recent bestsellers, fresh releases, and classics! Apprehend your books as continued as you appetite - no backward fees! Even accept to acquirement and accumulate the books you love!


BookSwim allowance cards additionally accomplish that unique, absolute Anniversary allowance for readers

Start earning today with:

- High about-face rates

- Commissions of up to $25 per signup with achievement incentives with volume-based bonuses

- Up to 30% commissions on acquirement amount of basic allowance agenda purchases with volume-based bonuses

- $20 minimum acquirement to accept $10 payout for you!

We've got a hot fresh tip today from adolescent Captivate editor Jacqui Pini. (Check out her blog Indulge back you're done here!)by Jacqui Pini

If books are accepting a little too cher and the library doesn’t accept what you want, try a book rental service., which calls itself ‘the Netflix for books,’ is alms a account area you can pay a collapsed fee per ages to accept books with no backward fees. You clothier the plan to your account style.

In addition, BookSwim is alms a chargeless $10 allowance affidavit for anybody on your anniversary allowance list!

Now BookSwim is alms basic allowance cards which are the absolute allowance for those who adulation to read. A timberline will be buried with Eco-Libris in account of every allowance purchased. We had done it with BookSwim aftermost year and we're blessed to accomplice afresh this year to blooming up their allowance cards.

BookSwim are additionally giving incentives to barter to acquirement allowance cards amid now and December 31, including a $5 allowance agenda to be acclimated by you for every $50 allowance agenda purchased. Similarly, for every $100 allowance agenda you buy, you will accept your own $20 allowance card. Additionally, 2 advantageous winners will accept a $299 Sony Blu-Ray Disc Player. One access for every allowance agenda purchase.

BookSwim is a abundant account and as a rental account it additionally has blooming qualities, agnate to those of libraries due to the actuality that it helps to aerate the use of every archetype that is already printed. You can apprehend added on BookSwim and the ambiance here: You can apprehend added at:

So don't balloon to analysis out BookSwim's allowance cards - it's a abundant affordable (and green!) allowance for the holidays for every book lover.

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