Monday, July 13, 2009

Shahrukh Khan Latest

Shahrukh Khan got became Dr.Shahrukh Khan.The Bollywood superstar is to be presented an honorary doctorate in arts and culture by Britain’s Bedfordshire University at a ceremony in London for his contributions to culture.Dr Shah Rukh Khan' pledges to help destitue childrenDressed in the traditional scholar`s robe, the Indian superstar looked slightly bemused as he walked into the hall in a procession of scholars led by Ebdon.He helped a lot of people as he can."He is a man of God's survivor to the world",i will say.

Bedfordshire University deputy vice-chancellor Ashraf Jawaid said: “We are absolutely delighted to confer this honorary doctorate on Shah Rukh Khan. He has made an outstanding contribution to the arts, culture and media, which is recognised around the world.” Bedfordshire University, whose 29,000 students include 1,300 from India, was ranked second in Britain for dance, sixth for journalism and 11th for marketing accounts in a 2008 national survey.I wish he will do more help to orphans to the world .

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